Saturday, December 18, 2004

Another Take on Lonergan

Dear Bill,

I'm interested in seeing which passage(s) Mr. Kim adduces, assuming he takes up your challenge, which I appreciate your leveling. I turned from Brand Blanshard to Bernard Lonergan in the mid-'70s, not because BL was a better stylist than BB (he is not), but because he probed cognitional theory more deeply. The drop in literary loveliness was somewhat analogous to what one may experience when turning from Augustine to Aquinas: a slight disappointment, but no disaster. Aquinas is demanding, but clear, and so is Lonergan. I fear no contradiction when I claim that the snippets provided on my Lonergan page, to which I hope to add in the coming year, are representative of his style. Difficulty in reading Lonergan varies with subject matter, but the pains he took when expressing himself in writing were great and the results were consistent throughout.