Saturday, October 23, 2004

Political Nominalism

There is something I don’t understand. Why do Zell Miller and people like him remain in the Democrat party? I’ve seen Miller several times on the talk shows, and all he seems to say on this issue is that he has always been a Democrat. But the Democrat party has changed drastically in Miller’s lifetime, and that is not something likely to have escaped Miller. He can’t possibly think he can reform it at this late date.

So is he attached to a mere label? Is he a kind of political nominalist? Is the identity of the party insured by the identity of the name?

I love the packaging Tabasco sauce comes in: the shape of the bottle, the label, the nice red box with the recipe sheet inside. But if the quality of the product were ever to go South, my attachment to the packaging would go South with it.

What am I missing?