Sunday, August 29, 2004

'Exempli Gratia' Versus 'Id Est'

Did you catch the confusion of these two expressions on the O'Reilly Factor the other night? The first, abbreviated 'e.g.,' means for example, while the second, abbreviated 'i.e.,'
means that is.

Correct: Axiology, i.e., the theory of value, is a philosophical subdiscipline. Incorrect: Many pundits, i.e., Maureen Dowd, are anti-Bush. Correct: Some axiologists, e.g., Max Scheler, believe that values can be intuited. Incorrect: Blogs, e.g., weblogs, are becoming increasingly popular.

It is a mark of a barbarian to write 'e.g.' as 'eg.' and 'i.e.' as 'ie.' But this appears to be the editorial policy of Thoemmes Press (Bristol, England). Somebody should raise hell with these blockheads. Either they should suppress these Latinisms or else render them correctly. Thoemmes Press, however, has been publishing some good philosophy, e.g., W. J. Mander, ed., Perspectives on the Logic and Metaphysics of F. H. Bradley (1996).