Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Was Sisyphus a Bachelor?

Franz Kafka, anthropological dangler, creative exception, ruminates in this 1922 diary entry on the problem of procreation and dreams of a bourgeois rootedness that probably would have suffocated him:

The infinite, deep, warm, saving happiness of sitting beside the cradle of one’s child opposite its mother.

There is also in it something of this feeling: matters no longer rest with you, unless you wish it so. In contrast, this feeling of those who have no children: it perpetually rests with you, whether you will or no, every moment to the end, every nerve-racking moment, it perpetually rests with you, and without result. Sisyphus was a bachelor. (The Diaries 1910-1923, ed. Max Brod, New York: Schocken, 1975, p. 401.)

Resource: Leni's Franz Kafka page.