Sunday, March 13, 2005

Son of 'I've Had It'

Messrs. Keezer and Gilleland also complain here and here respectively about the limitations of Blogger. There are two sorts of problems. The first has to with the unreliability of the Blogspot server. The second pertains to the Blogger software.

Pace Bill Keezer, the first problem is not solved by composing in a word processor and then pasting into the Blogger Compose window. I have been doing that from the beginning with longish posts. Even if I do this, I can still easily consume a half hour searching the 'Net for supporting documents, inserting hyperlinks, cleaning up the format, emending the text, proofreading, and fetching that fourth cup of coffee to fuel the above activities. You hit Publish and it's all lost. Don't tell me to save periodically in draft format. I do that too but it is also slow as molasses.

And then there is the problem of template work. HTML coding is a tedious business, especially for a tyro like me, and it really rankled me the other night to lose about an hour's worth of template modifications.

The second problem is the software itself. It is wonderful freeware, but it is not state of the art. I need Comment moderation. I need to be able to allow only pre-approved people into my Comments area. And there are other functionality problems with Blogger.

So will I make the move right now? Will I stop pussyfooting? What am I doing composing this post if not looking for an excuse to postpone the decision? Maybe I need to stoke up an Arturo Fuente Curly Head (cheap but good) and fetch another cup of French Roast. Is it the $5 per month that I'll have to shell out? I'm cheap, but am I that cheap?

Do I need to review my maxims? Erst waegen, dann wagen. But also: He who hesitates is lost. Or better: the post of one who dawdles like I'm doing right now is (often) lost.

Post Scriptum: I felt anxious just now when I hit Publish Post. Does my caffeinated and nicotinized heart need any more stress? And don't forget, compadres: blogging is exploding, and I reckon most of the newbies will be flooding over to Blogger/Blogspot. It's blogger Kindergarten. You don't have to be a computer scientist to know that the demands on the Blogspost server are going to increase dramatically.