Monday, February 28, 2005

Gypsy Scholar Wanders into the 'Sphere

Let's all extend a friendly welcome to Jeff Hodges who has overcome his initial fear of the 'sphere to join us in the great conversation. I see that he ripped off 'my' template, however; my revenge may consist of changing my colors to his. Here is how Jeff describes his weblog's title:

My blog title, Gypsy Scholar, probably violates political correctness, but intellectual travel has taken me around the world. I grew up in Arkansas and have lived in Texas, California, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Israel, and Korea. I've also visited Mexico, Belgium, France, England, Scotland, Italy, Austria, Czechoslovakia (before the split), East Germany (before the union), Denmark, Russia, Singapore, and Japan. Since my scholarly career has brought me through all of these places to the outskirts of Seoul, where I now live, the terms "Gypsy" and "Scholar" both fit. Thus: "Gypsy Scholar."

Now that I've plugged you, Jeff, you have to produce in accordance with the rule: Nulla dies sine blogposta. But however much Jeff posts, one can be assured that it will be well written.

I am confident that Jeff will be among those who help the blogosphere achieve its true potential as a noosphere (Teilhard de Chardin).