Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Genetic Fallacy and Nietzsche

Ben Creasey writes:

I've been subscribing to your blog (along with Keith Burgess-Jackson) through Bloglines for about a month now. I was reading up on your posts about this genetic fallacy and felt compelled to email you. Nietzsche is not making a genetic fallacy. He's not making an argument for or against God. He's simply observing how the academic culture of the time debates God. They have moved a step beyond simply trying to disprove God's existence and onto trying to prove why the concept of God came about. [. . .]

BV: But why should that be interesting if it has no bearing on the question whether God exists? I have read the rest of your message and don't really know what you are getting at. Here is another post I located on Nietzsche and the genetic fallacy that may help.