Thursday, February 24, 2005

From the Mail: The Philosophy of Money

Steve Castellano writes:

Hilarious posts . . .

Btw, don't feel obligated to link to my website Reflections on Equity Research just because I'm a fan. I think equity research is a bit off topic for your readers. Keep up the great work. it really is refreshing to read your stuff.

Thanks, Steve. Great to have you onboard. Actually, you (or rather a link to your site) have been on my sidebar for a few days. I booked you under POLITICS AND ECONOMICS. It was my pleasure to do so.

Money and investing are important topics, and I have posted on them before, no doubt going out on limbs that you are qualified to saw off. I see blogging as a learning tool, and not just as a vehicle for pontificating. Feel free to criticize the following money posts:

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