Friday, February 11, 2005

An Alaskan Enters the 'Sphere

Let's extend a big blogospheric welcome to New Victorian. He posts interestingly about discrimination and prejudice, reminding us of something liberals tend to forget if they ever knew it at all: discrimination as such is not bad.

I take him to be saying that prejudice, too, is not always bad. This is clear if one thinks of prejudice as pre-judgment. Certainly some pre-judgments are good. Once I identify a snake as crotalus atrox, I class it among the venomous critters best given a wide berth. I do not attempt to relate to it as an individual in all its precious uniqueness in order to ascertain that it really is venomous.

New Victorian gives evidence of being a chess player as well, a fact that can only count in his favor. It turns out that I have unwittingly brokered his re-acquaintance with Dennis Monokroussos. See the comments to this post. Happy to have done so. Small world, small 'sphere.