Saturday, January 15, 2005

Vomit the Lukewarm

Dear Mr. Vallicella,

I was lead to your blog through Mr. Flood, and I have been in your debt ever since I read your explanation of creatio ex Deo. (See also here.) Your thesis was a great contribution to a problem that has been largely unrecognized about the nature of creation. It thrills me even now to remember the solution, and I thank you for it.

BV: Perhaps you can convince Mr. Flood that it is the right solution, or at least on the right track.

I wanted to make a small contribution to the discussion of the Trinity. It occured to me that it might throw some light on the logical problem (predication, identity, species, etc.) to look at the Trinity in light of what natural theology claims about God, most especially the claim of Aquinas that God's essence is to exist.

I put up two brief arguments, one on January 7th, andthe other on the 6th, here. The argument on the 7th is the fundamental one, but there are some very good links on the one from the 6th.

Thanks Again,


BV: Thanks for writing; I looked at your site, and I especially liked your moral observations.