Sunday, January 09, 2005

Nelson Ascher on Old Europe

Old Europe has been unmasked. For decades it played at being a grateful ally that shared the same values as the U.S. Its recent diplomatic actions coupled with its stupid anti-American public discourse gave it no strategic or tactical advantage but helped render it transparent to millions and millions of Americans. Its famed diplomacy proved to be a disaster of epic proportions. Opportunistic politicians burned the goodwill of the world’s sole superpower for no visible gain. We have to thank them for their shortsightedness. Besides, Americans who used to spend a couple of weeks each year in Old Europe admiring its landscapes and cityscapes now have a much deeper knowledge of how the whole continent and, in particular, the EU work. Old Europe is now quite rightly seen by a large part of American public opinion as, in the best case, a nasty and envious rival, and, in the worst, as an enemy and a covert ally of the most obscurantist forces of the Muslim world.

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