Monday, January 10, 2005

Chuck B Checks In With Two Corrections

Dear Bill,

I ask in advance your indulgence as I niggle over the German grammar in a quote of a quote of Nietzsche in your recent posting on the verifiability principle . In the following passage . . .

die kleinen, unscheinbaren vorsichtigen Wahrheiten, welche mit strengen Methode gefunden werden, hoeher zu schaetzen als jene weiten, schwebenden, umschleiernden Allgemeinheiten, nach denen das Beduerfnis religoeser oder kuenstlerischer Zeitalter greift.,

the phrase "mit strengen Methode" should, according to contemporaryGerman grammar, read either "mit strenger Methode" (singular of'Methode') or "mit strengen Methoden" (plural of 'Methode').

BV: You have the eyes of an eagle, Chuck B. You caught a typographical error that crept in when I typed up the passage. Mit strenger Methode is correct.

I enjoyed the Grammar Lament Haiku as well, and I still plan to point to your haiku from my LISNews journal when I get back to it. By the way, should "hypen" in the haiku be "hyphen", or is that a clever pun that eluded my dull wit?

BV: Not a pun, just another miserable typo. I always double check, but it's not enough apparently. Thanks!

By the way, you've posted some highly interesting Plantinga materials on your journal, and people should check them out, here and here.