Monday, November 15, 2004

"You Don't Believe What You are Saying!"

A commentator by the name of Joe Sobran has stolen my thunder. I was about to comment on a practice I am finding increasingly irritating. Person A (often a conservative) states his position and person B (usually a liberal or a leftist) says something like: 'You don't even believe that yourself!' The hard leftist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now used this line against John Fund in a recent debate held in Greenwich Village and televised by C-Span. There was nothing in Fund's mien or manner to suggest that he was anything but sincere in his asseverations. But that didn't stop Goodman. Another person who does this is Noam Chomsky. Tune into Free Speech TV and you'll get plenty of Chomsky and ample opportunity to verify my assertion.

Lefties, who confuse the world with their view of world, often cannot comprehend how anyone can sincerely disagree with them. Part of the problem is their lust to psychologize and sociologize. Incapable of taking things at face value, they attempt to smoke out personal motives and class interests.

Read Sobran's piece here. Link courtesy of Tony Flood.