Tuesday, November 02, 2004

From the Mail: On Travel to Europe/Eurabia

Jeff Hodges sends this well-crafted letter:

Dear Bill,

I'd say go to Spain anyway. [My aversion to travel, see here, plus the stupid hostility of Europeans to Americans who have saved and are saving their lazy and decadent socialist asses from Fascism, National Socialism, Communism, and militant Islam, is inclining me not to accept a travel invitation.]

The Islamists aren't going to let Europe off the hook. They're still trying to kill Spanish judges who pass sentences on terrorists. Britain has a radical Muslim problem. So does France. Italy, too. Likewise Belgium, Holland, Denmark, andSweden. Germany, too. Not to mention the Balkans. Then, there's the issue of what to do about Turkey. Given all of these places with radical Muslims, there must be a growing sense of unease among Europeans.The civilizational problems that Huntington has warned about are increasingly surfacing in Europe, and how Europe responds will determine the future. We cannot afford to lose the Europeans, so we Americans ought to be talking frankly with them about the problems that the world faces. Not that this is easy to do.

BV: Indeed, it is difficult to counteract a nasty blend of superciliousness, decadence, and envy.

I understand why Europeans see this conflict primarily as a legal one to be decided in courts. They face it as a criminal problem daily, and it is that, too. But the problem extends beyond legal ones. For Europe, the problem here is that it has no foreign policy, no unified military, no realism. So, they benefit fromAmerica's policies and yet have the luxury of criticizing the policies as well. I grew disgusted with the European left during theBalkan crisis, when they sat on their hands and did nothing to stop the killing of Bosnian Muslims. But I haven't given up on them or other Europeans. I like them, individually, and worry about the world if Europe becomes increasingly Islamicized.

So, go to Spain and do your part. The Europeans don't really want to become Dhimmis or Muslims; they just don't know what to do about it.

Yours, Jeff

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