Thursday, November 04, 2004

From the Mail: Hitler, Stalin and the Left

John M. Sanchez writes by e-mail:

In a review of Richard Overy’s new book , The Dictators, William Grimes of the NY Times gives an interesting argument explaining the ferocity of the Hitler’s and Stalin’s dictatorships (could have included Mao’s).

"Both ideologies, he maintains, derived legitimacy and passion from the cult of science. Germany would triumph because, in the Darwinian struggle for supremacy, the strong are destined to crush the weak. The Soviet Union marched forward into the future supremely confident that the iron laws of history and economics were on its side. There was no room for doubt, for
compromise, or mercy toward opponents in either society."

When one keeps in mind that, as some blogger points out in his masthead all the time, Nazi is short for National Socialist, the parallels to today’s leftists intolerance is striking. [The blogger in question is Dr. John Ray and he is some blogger!] Their worldview forbids any argument contrary to their views and any means is acceptable to destroy the other side. Today’s left, just like fascists and communists, does not accept religious views as an equal philosophy to be entered into the common dialogue. That is, unless, it can be used to further their power grab.

Well said.