Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Cricket Anyone?

Amit Varma, a journalist in India, was one of about five readers who generously sprang to my assistance when I revealed my ignorance of HTML. He writes:

Hi Bill

Glad to be of service. I do have a a blog, as it happens, but it is on cricket, a sport I'm not sure you'd be following. In case you're still interested, here it is.

I plan to start a general blog as well, soon, and I'll send you the link when I begin it.

BV: Please do.

I have a keen amateur's interest in philosophy, and I'm glad I discovered your blog. I enjoyed your post titled "You Don't Believe What You are Saying!"The tendencies of lefties that you refer to are extremely familiar in India as well, where I live. It is, I suppose, a common defensive human tendency: "When you can't counter the argument, attack the person making it." There is often no other recourse for a follower of a dubious ideology, which lefties by definition are. As a journalist in a country where being 'liberal' - in the recent American sense, not the classical one - is fashionable, I often find myself at the receiving end of it all the time. It corrupts our political discourse.

A further observation on the formatting of your right panel: you will notice that there are two kinds of bullets used in that panel, the grey ones besides 'weblog and website links', and the black ones besides 'contemporary philosophers'. I viewed source [If you have IE, click on View --> Source] and found that the difference in your template is that the clusters with the grey bullets have left-angle-bracket-ul-right-angle-bracket before it and left-angle-bracket-forward-slash-ul- right-angle-bracket at the end, as you'll see in your template. So if you wish to make all the bullets grey, you will just need to add those to the relevant clusters (and not to each link, mind you). Similarly, if you wish to make all them black, you'll have to remove that coding from the clusters that have them. If you compare those clusters in your template, the coding differences will be apparent.


BV: Thanks, Amit. The beauty of the blogosphere is that it makes so much intelligence so readily available. On my monitor, however, all the bullets appear in black. That's not to say that my coding job is correct. I probably just got lucky.