Thursday, November 11, 2004

Are Bush Supporters Stupid?

Self-proclaimed cultural elitist Ted Rall thinks we are. He writes, "By any objective standard, you had to be spectacularly stupid to support Bush. "

Stupidity, however, seems eminently more chargeable to Rall's account than to those of the Bush supporters. For Rall cannot see the plain fact that the distinctions intelligent/stupid and conservative/liberal cut perpendicular to one another. There are four combinatorial possibilities and each is nonempty. There are intelligent conservatives, stupid conservatives, intelligent liberals, and stupid liberals. Is Rall so stupid that he cannot grasp this? Or is trying to give me more evidence for my thesis that liberals are nastier than conservatives?

Anyone who has ever lived in Dayton, Ohio will be interested in reading Rall's opinion of his hometown in the same piece.

Compare John Ray's discussion of Rall's article, here.