Friday, October 15, 2004

Reppert Responds

Victor Reppert crawls out from under his onerous teaching load briefly to write:

Well, I have to go over the criticisms in more detail, as well as your suggested theoretical novelties. I think in my response to Drange I maintain that his way of accounting for truth in a naturalistic world makes it epiphenomenal and irrelevant to what goes on in the brain, something that is going to wreck any attempt to respond to the argument from mental causation.

I'm just not at all surprised that there should be criticisms of my most sketchy argument, and I'm glad to see it developed in more detail, something that has to be done with all of them, really.

I'm still working on writing something sufficiently short to be a good reply to Carrier without putting too much of my life into it. But his work is such a good compendium of materialist fallacies we really do need a few object lessons on how to smoke these arguments out of their holes.

Here's to some joint smoke-out operations.