Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Organizational Roots of the Democrat Party

David Horowitz, How to Beat the Democrats (Dallas: Spence Publishing, 2002), p. 68:

The Democrats’ left-wing orientation has deep organizational roots. The party apparatus feeds off the entitlement of the welfare state: social workers, university intellectuals, trial lawyers, government bureaucrats, and government unions are all clients of the Big Government programs the party promotes.

Horowitz then quotes from a WSJ article by Cleta Mitchell:

The fundamental motivation for Democrats is their understanding that winning control of government is tied to paychecks, jobs, government grants, public money for private groups and companies, government contracts, union bargaining advantages, rules by which trial lawyers bring lawsuits, and on and on. The use of government to feed friends and starve enemies is something Democrats know instinctively. Winning elections means getting or keeping a livelihood.

Say what you will about trial lawyers, but remember this: They get paid only if their clients win. Extending that principle to politics means that various Democratic constituencies are convinced that a Democratic victory means food on the table.