Friday, October 15, 2004

Open Letter to Think Tank

Dear Ben Wattenberg and the Think Tank Crew:

I enjoyed last night's show with Michael Barone and the other gentleman on the topic of the so-called culture wars. Indeed, every time I tune into Wattenberg & Co., I enjoy the calm, reasonable debate, the absence of shouting, the measured pace and analytic depth.

Would I like to make a modest monetary contribution? Yes -- when you detach yourself from the Federal mammaries. Although Wattenberg's program strikes me as balanced, PBS/NPR as a whole tilts decidedly to the Left. It is morally wrong to use tax dollars to violate the beliefs of large numbers of taxpayers. Or if you continue to take tax money, you should at least strive for objectivity in the C-Span manner.

Since this is a matter of principle, it matters not a jot whether PBS/NPR receives 50% or 5% of its funding from Federal revenues.

I don't expect you to 'see' my point: the liberal 'visual' field is so rigged as to render such points 'invisible.'

Still and all, Wattenberg deserves credit and I will continue watching from time to time.