Thursday, October 28, 2004

Keezer Komments

Bill Keezer writes:

Your comments were spot on concerning surviving graduate school. What you described fit what I did very well, and I had not thought of it as particularly noteworthy other than the speed (3.5 years with 15 credits out of 90 coming in from two years of med school) with which I managed to get my PhD and the shortness of the dissertation (43 pages total, title, contents, text, references). I happened to be married and a daughter was born while in school, but it didn't slow things down. Frugal living allowed my wife at that time to stay home with the child, and my grant paid just enough to survive on. The key word was indeed focus.

BV: The more I learn of Bill's career path, the more interesting it sounds. I hadn't heard the part about medical school. Check out his interesting weblog.