Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bob Dylan on Rick Nelson

Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Volume One (Simon and Shuster, 2004), p. 13

He was different from than the rest of the teen idols, had a great guitarist who played like a cross between a honky-tonk hero and a barn-dance fiddler. Nelson had never been a bold innovator like the early singers who sang like they were navigating burning ships. He didn’t sing desperately, do a lot of damage, and you’d never mistake him for a shaman.

Nosiree, Bob, no shaman was he. There is more interesting material on Nelson in the vicinity of this excerpt. Dylan discusses Ricky Nelson in connection with his 1961 hit, "Travelin' Man." But the great guitar work of James Burton and his Fender telecaster was much more in evidence in "Hello Mary Lou." The Dylan Chronicles look like they will hold the interest of this old 60's Dylan fanatic.