Friday, September 03, 2004

Yet Another Book on Lying

Eric Alterman was on C-Span 1 this morning promoting his new book, When Presidents Lie.

Are we up to a dozen anti-Bush 'lie' books yet? Just off the top of my head: there's Ivins, Corn, Conason, Franken, Alterman, and some others. Alterman's book is about a number of U.S. presidents, but his line on Bush is something like: He wanted to go to war in Iraq, and so lied to bring the war about. Throughout his spiel I detected the typical leftist confusion of lying with being wrong, a topic on which I have expatiated sufficiently in previous posts.

The Republicans, according to Alterman, are a "stealth party": at the RNC, moderates Giuliani, McCain, Schwarzenegger, and Bloomberg gave speeches in order to hide the fact that the Republicans are a "radical party" whose real representatives are Tom DeLay and others on the "Christian Right." Alterman conveniently ignores the fact that the outspoken conservatives Zell Miller and Dick Cheney also gave speeches.

But objectivity cannot be expected from Alterman. After all, he was the one who penned the book, What Liberal Media?