Thursday, September 02, 2004

On the Misuse of 'Unilateral'

John Nichols of the The Nation appeared on the hard-Left show, "Democracy Now," this morning. Like most libs and lefties, he misused 'unilateral' to mean 'without United Nations support.' In this sense, coalition operations against Saddam Hussein's regime were 'unilateral' despite the the fact that said operations were precisely those of a coalition of some thirty countries.

Words have established meanings. Intellectually honest people respect those meanings. Most libs and lefties do not. Out to win at all costs, they will do anything to secure their ends, including hijacking the terms of a debate and piloting them to some Left-coast destination.

When they are not corrupting established words, they are inventing question-begging epithets such as homophobia, a term I discuss here.