Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Journal Entry on Princess Di

31 August 1997. Princess Diana is dead at 36, killed last night in a car crash in a Parisian tunnel, caused by an attempted evasion of pursuing paparazzi. Her playboy boyfriend also dead. Impermanence is swift (Dogen), and human cupidity limitless. Inspires me to be more continent, more circumspect, more contemplative.

My life is a flame that can be blown out at any moment.

Since our lives can be snuffed out in a second, and since there are indications that there is a WAY OUT, we must above all investigate whether there is, after all, a WAY OUT, or whether perhaps there is NO EXIT. Simply to assume one or the other would be not only unphilosophical , but would demonstrate a strange unconcern with one's own ultimate welfare.