Sunday, September 12, 2004

Is Communism Dead?

A correspondent writes: “Thanks for the link to Bella V. Dodd's story. I think that I finally understood why you are so concerned about Communism, a concern that I could only share abstractly since Communism seemed like a dead ideology to me.”

Suppose we distinguish the state-sponsorship of Communism from the ideology itself. The former is seriously on the wane. The Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites are no more. Fidel’s worker’s paradise will most likely collapse when the old man does. Red China is becoming less red, and how long can the North Korean dictatorship last? But the ideology itself continues to exist free of state-sponsorship in the heads of leftists, many college professors, and other disaffected persons. To the extent that these people have influence, Communism is still a force to be reckoned with. To understand political correctness it is necessary to study Communism: the original home of P.C. was the C.P.