Thursday, August 05, 2004

William Remington, Communist

Mike Gilleland sent me this reference:

Gary May, Un-American Activities: The Trials of William Remington (New York, Oxford University Press, 1994).

Further information here.

Here's what Gilleland's father-in-law remembers about Remington:

The only famous communist I went to high school with was Bill Remington. He was in the class of 1934, one year behind me. He had bright red hair and was on the track team and used to ride around on his bike carrying his javelin. He was what is now called a leftist and was quite fierce about it and looked down on people who were not socially and politically conscious, but he was generally considered snooty but harmless. After high school he moved to New York City, I don't remember why, and fell in with a bunch of the real hard core types - joined a cell they called it. They got busted and he went to jail. The sentence was several years but in his first year there he was murdered by another prisoner. This is about all I remember. Except for his class year the dates are pretty much gone from my mind.

There were others in high school with me who claimed to be communists. One of my friends claimed he was being investigated for being a communist and a nazi at the same time. Another one and I used to go to the local post office and stand in front of the
nazi-wanted posters and talk loudly in German, to no