Sunday, August 01, 2004

Please Respond by September 10th

I received a pitch from Mutual of Omaha yesterday for overpriced 'graded whole life' life insurance. Emblazoned on the envelope, and repeated inside: Please respond by September 10th. How's that for a cheap appeal to fear? September 11th would have been too obvious, and perhaps too late, so they chose the day before.

Antics like this excite in liberals a desire for more government regulation, as if people can't take care of themselves. Conservatives know better. The individual must take responsibility for his choices, cultivate habits of critical thinking, and arm himself with such old saws as Caveat emptor which liberals would just as soon see fall into desuetude. Much as I dislike the cheap hustling for profit, I dislike the liberal nanny-state reponse to it even more.

And another thing. If you really must buy life insurance, buy term and invest the difference.