Sunday, August 22, 2004

Of Hummus and Humus, Chickpeas and Cicero

Mike Gilleland writes:

On the subjects of hummus and correcting mistakes in blogs, you might enjoy this.

Also, did you know that Cicero's name is related tothe Latin word for chickpea (cicer)? One of his ancestors must have had a wen on his nose.

Bill Keezer writes:

You cook like I do. I love the phrase "experientially-honed common sense". That's exactly what it is. I could reproduce closely your result from your description. Too bad more recipe books aren't written like this.

BV replies: I thought of a play on 'hummus' and 'humus' but decided I had gone far enough. I can get carried away, as with the 'baby's ass' reference which the perverse Kevin Kim seized upon with glee. No, I wasn't aware of the Cicero/cicer connection. I didn't even know what a wen was until Webster's wised me up. (I have a thing for alliteration as you may have noticed.) A wen is "a cyst formed by obstruction of a sebaceous gland and filled with sebaceous material."

As I composed the hummus post I realized that 'cook' is ambiguous as between prepare food using heat (narrow sense) and prepare food (wide sense). Now when
Keith Burgess-Jackson said, a while back, that he doesn't know how to cook, which sense did he have in mind? Actually, I composed the hummus post with Keith in mind, thinking that he needs to expand his culinary horizons beyond fried rice with celery. We all know what Wittgenstein said about a one-sided diet.