Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Jihadist Ideology

Here is a good essay by Lawrence Auster on the internal logic of jihadism with a link to a talk by Mary Habeck of Yale University. I saw Habeck on C-Span yesterday, and she is worthy of your attention.

Thanks to Jeff Hodges for the link. Here is Hodges' summary of Auster's article:

It's an article summarizing Mary Habeck's lecture on jihadist motivations. I haven't seen an online transcription of the actual talk, but the report of her thesis reminds me of a point that I made in my article on 9/11, namely, that Muslims look to Muhammad as a moral exemplar by which to judge their lives (much as Christians look to Jesus). From an non-Muslim perspective, this is extremely problematic since the life of Muhammad, as reported by the hadith, supplies plenty of support for militant jihad against non-Muslims. (Whether it supports terrorism is debatable.)