Saturday, August 14, 2004

ICC Update

I have been a member of the Internet Chess Club for about three years now. Today I played my 8,000th blitz (five minute per side) game. That averages out to about 7.3 games/day. Assuming ten minutes per game, I have consumed (wasted?) on average 73 minutes per day on blitz chess over the past three years. I've had 3,614 wins, 4,084 losses, and 302 draws. My rating stands at 1205. My best rating was 1424 on 7 August 2001. From these statistics one can see what sort of miserable patzer, fish, pfuscher, woodshifter, rabbit I am and will remain. That being said, if ever we should meet in some coffeehouse or tournament room in Tempe or Tucson, remember that rabbits too have teeth and can lash out when riled.