Saturday, August 07, 2004

Bill Keezer on 1 Timothy 6:10

Bill Keezer writes:


I am following your discussion on this verse with great interest. I would offer the following perspective, that the verse specifically refers to money and its acquisition given the context of some of Jesus' teachings. I am specifically thinking of the place where the rich young man wants to follow and Jesus tells him to sell all he has. Though I have a lot of scholarship to do before putting the following into print, I believe what Jesus was trying to teach and whose words may have been taken too literally or else transformed some, is that it is wrong for money per se to be more important than service to others. Yet we also have the verse about the eye of the needle. Again though, it is not deemed impossible, but extremely difficult for those who pursue money for its own sake to be saved. Perhaps it is an attempt to point out an observation I have made, that money doesn't change a person so much as makes them more of what they really are. It may be that Paul is seeing
the outward expression of inward evil when people become rich.

This is not exactly on point, but I don't know that the text itself is sufficient to render a clear understanding.