Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Spoiler?

I saw Ralph Nader on Hannity and Colmes the other night. He made an excellent response to the charge of being a 'spoiler.' If I understood it, his point was that if any candidate is a spoiler then all are, in which case no one is. Think about it. Each candidate is competing for the available votes. Hence, each candidate spoils things for every other candidate. If the Dems were to put forth no presidential candidate this time around, Nader would have an excellent chance of beating Bush. But of course they will, in which case Kerry will be Nader's spoiler.

Talk of anyone's being a spoiler should be dropped. I hope Nader gets on the ballot and figures in the debates. He is an impressive man with interesting ideas. Ideas can be interesting without being correct.

I saw Nader again this morning on Fox and Friends. Again he made an excellent point: whereas the Dems whine and complain about his being a spoiler, the Republicans did no such thing when Perot ran. One can see that the Democrat party is not all that democratic: they do not want the people to have a number of voices and choices. Yet another reason why the Democrat party is properly so-called, and not properly called Democratic.