Monday, June 28, 2004

More Signs of Linguistic Decline

If I advise you, then I give you my advice, not my advise. Too many people are making this mistake nowadays. 'Advice' is a noun, 'advise' a verb. Someone who gives advice is an advisor. But if you write 'adviser,' I'll let it slide. We don't want to be pedantic, do we?

Another example of the use of a verb as a noun: 'Purchase this satellite dish before the end of month and the install is only $19.99.'
'Install' and 'invite' are verbs; 'installation' and 'invitation' nouns.

At a McDonald's drive-through, I noticed the sign: Confirm your order here above the microphone. When I ordered my Big Mac and fries, I told the order-taker that they need a second microphone at which to place one's order. "Say what, man?"