Monday, June 21, 2004

The Corporate Media

When I tune into the hard Left outlets like FSTV, I often hear the phrase ‘corporate media.’ Lefties seem to think that the major media outlets are propaganda arms of Big Business that promote a conservative agenda. But the content the major outlets deliver simply supplies demand. In the free market place of ideas at the present time in the USA, there is a very strong demand for nonliberal views, whether conservative, libertarian, or independent. This is why the Fox News Network beats CNN at the ratings game. If capitalists are as profit-hungry as leftists say they are, why should the moneygrubbers care which ideas are in demand? If they are out for profits, then they will sell anything that makes a profit, left, right, or center.

Being elitists, leftists think ‘the masses’ are stupid and infinitely malleable in their beliefs. Thus they think that Limbaugh, Hannity, and the rest form the dumb masses in their own conservative image and likeness. It is rather the other way around: it is because Limbaugh and Co. supply pre-existent demand, because they articulate in an entertaining and humorous way what millions of people already believe, that they are wildly successful.

Some lefties are dimly aware of this, as is evidenced by their complaint that Limbaugh ‘panders’ to his audience. But they can’t have it both ways: they cannot maintain that Limbaugh and Co. both ‘pander’ and ‘brainwash.’