Thursday, May 27, 2004

More ACLU Idiocy

Last night, the O'Reilly Factor exposed the latest moronic move of the ACLU. They are suing to have a small cross removed from the seal of the City of Los Angeles on the ground that it violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This same seal, however, prominently displays the Roman goddess, Pomona, a wood-nymph who presided over fruit trees. (Trust me, I looked it up in Bullfinch's Mythology.) Therefore, if there were a good argument for removing the small cross, that would also constitute an argument for removing the image of Pomona. For if displaying a small cross constitutes an establishment of religion, then so does depicting a Roman goddess. There are polytheistic religions as well as monotheistic ones. If the idea is to remove every vestige of religion from public life, then surely the image of Pomona would have to be removed first, dominating as she does the seal.

The fundamental problem, however, is that leftists put an absurd construal upon the Establishment clause, which reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." What that means is that Congress shall not set up any religion as the state religion membership in which would be a condition for holding office, voting, etc. What does this have to do with a small cross on a city seal? Nothing. In what way does the presence of that small cross establish Christianity as the state religion? In no way. It no more establishes Christianity as the state religion than the image of Pomona establishes Roman polytheism as the state religion.

The cross is on the seal for historical reasons: the city of Los Angeles developed around the Mission of L.A. established by the Spanish Catholic priest Junipero Serra. To obliterate the cross would be to obliterate a bit of L.A.'s history. 'Los Angeles,' by the way, is Spanish for the angels. To be consistent, then, the ACLU types would have to agitate for a name change. Would they perhaps prefer Cheech and Chong's 'El Lay'? And while they are at it, they would have to agitate for a name change of the city of Pomona, a few miles east of downtown L.A., and obviously named after that very same Roman goddess. It would be easy to go on like this, reducing to absurdity the whole ACLU project of eliminating any vestige of religion from public life.

It is clear that on this issue the ACLU types have no cogent arguments. Since it is not fact and reason that motivates them, what does? In part it is animus against religion, Christianity in particular, but also the typical leftist hatred of anything that actually exists and provably works. They would destroy what it has taken generations to build up in the name of a utopian fantasy the very possibiity of which is in doubt.

It is important that these people be stopped. Do your bit: write letters to your representatives, start a conservative blog, inundate the L.A. Times with letters of protest. Confront liberals and leftists. You will not be able to engage them on the plane of reason, for that is not where they reside; but by confronting them you will contribute to their demoralization and ultimate defeat. There is too much at stake for you to sit back and do nothing.