Friday, May 21, 2004

From the Mail

Bill Keezer writes:

Dr. Vallicella,

I was a sporadic reader of your parent blog (or slog) and enjoyed it very much. In fact I copied the essays in the discussion of God for later study. I certainly like your new blog. I learned of it through Keith Burgess-Jackson, who helped and encouraged me to start my blog. I also consider Keith my friend. What I notice most about your new blog is that it has shed the heavy academic tone without removing any of the intellectual content.

One thing I notice that both you and Keith have in common is straightforward, clear writing. I also notice that neither of you stray into the kinds of unreasoned pronouncements that I dealt with when I had my exchanges with a certain individual who shall remain unnamed. I suspect the difference is that you and Keith both have worked hard (I have read both biographies and kept hold of the various facts that come through besides) and seen life for what it really is.

It is a joy to read such carefully worded and reasoned posts. I am already a daily visitor.

Bill Keezer

Dear Mr. Keezer,

Thank you for your friendly comments. Now that you mention it, I think you are right that my tone in the new blog is less heavy and academic. That may be because I took more time with the other posts. I was slogging rather than blogging. Now, under the pressure of daily updates, I am forced to get right to the point. It is good discipline for someone who tends to be prolix.

I agree that Keith is an extremely clear writer. What amazes me about him is that he can produce so much good copy so fast given all the rest of his activities. Like many productive people, he finds time to help others, unlike unproductive people who have plenty of time but, precisely because they are unproductive, profit neither themselves nor others. It's a bit of a paradox.

Thanks for visiting daily. Now the pressure is on me to write something worth reading every day. Don't be afraid to fire off a critical comment if you think I have missed the mark. I do a fair amount of shootin' from the hip.


Bill Vallicella