Thursday, May 20, 2004

From The Mail

Dear Dr. Vallicella,
I'm very much enjoying your new blog, just as I did your other website. Regarding Schopenhauer's use of your motto, I've had a look through both volumes of "The World as Will..." as well as both of "Parerga and Paralipomena" and could not find it, unfortunately. Perhaps he used it in "On the Basis of Morality" or elsewhere.

(As you can see, Schopenhauer is my favorite philosopher. A little trivia: Paralipomena is the designation in the Septuagint for the book we know as Chronicles, and it means "things left out". But perhaps you knew that. Bryan Magee didn't.)

I can't resist noting that that Big Hominid fellow you link to has a very unhealthy obsession with posteriors and excrement. Not a blog I want to read. Anyway, I enthusiastically look forward to reading your blog daily.

Dennis Mangan
Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Mr. Mangan,

Thank you very much for writing, and for the kind words. No, I did not know that Paralipomena is the designation used in the Septuagint for Chronicles. So it appears I have something in common with Bryan Magee. For points of difference with him, see here.

I too am puzzled by the Big Ho's proctological and scatological obsessions. He needs to have two blogs, one devoted to the aforementioned obsessions, the other to serious matters, or as he might say, 'serious shit.' I linked to him to repay him in kind for linking to me, and because he carefully read and commented on one of my online papers on Buddhism. (I'm an egalitarian: I'll engage with any person serious about philosophy, regardless of whether or not he has any letters following his name.) The Big Ho is obviously intelligent and I would encourage him to put his talents to better use.

I am afraid that what has happened is that Boomers such as myself have sown the wind, and now we are reaping the whirlwind in the generation right behind us.


Bill Vallicella